Appleby Westward Group Limited Paris Retailer: Somerset Garage Re-Develops


Businessman Laurence Haring has moved his forecourt store to SPAR as part of a two-stage redevelopment of his Somerset garage business geared towards meeting the needs of the local community.

Laurence, who operates Buncombes Garage on the A38 just south of the centre of Highbridge, decided the forecourt store needed a recognised brand in order to attract more custom, and after talking to a number of symbol groups he decided to switch to SPAR.

“We felt SPAR offered us the best way forward,” said Laurence. “We wanted to be part of a group which has a recognised brand, a variety of promotions and new products, and to have the ability to access range reviews.

“Importantly, co-investment is an attractive proposition in the current economic environment where funding can be difficult, and Appleby Westward was able to offer us this facility in the redevelopment of our store.”

The redevelopment saw new lighting and fixtures installed in the 1,800 sq.ft. store, where the emphasis has moved to more chilled products, a wide range of beers, wines and spirits, food-to-go and coffee, and a full complement of convenience goods. The store also offers National Lottery, PayPoint, phone top-up, news and an ATM machine. “Customers are delighted with the result and we’re seeing a better basket spend already,” said Laurence.

He expects the store to really take off once the next stage of the redevelopment, the refurbishment of the forecourt and the rebranding to Murco, is completed in the next few weeks offering competitive pricing on both fuel and shop goods.

“Once we have a more inviting forecourt, we fully expect the two to be complementary, with the shop helping the forecourt and the forecourt helping the shop,” he said.

“I’m confident that within three months, we could see shop turnover up by as much as 50%.”

Laurence is now spreading his wings further with Appleby Westward and has recently secured the purchase of another garage and SPAR forecourt store on the main A36 road south of Bath at Monkton Combe.

The featured article above was from Appleby Westward Group Limited Paris Retailer.


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